A Project Link with Schools in Dorset

In 1993 we were coordinating a fax project in Dorset involving six schools using the fax machine as a means of communication. One of the schools involved, Manor Park First in Dorchester, were following the Whitbread Round the World Yacht Race. They made links with schools along the route, to share information. There are no schools in Antarctica and the race passed through part of this continent. Nikki Griffin managed to make contact with Scott Base, to see whether they would be prepared to answer some questions set by the pupils. Despite being woken at 3.00am (Nikki didn't realise the huge time difference!) Roger Moffat from the New Zealand Antarctic Programme agreed that his colleagues would be delighted to answer questions from pupils as long as there were not too many or too often. In return Nikki promised to act as a mediator and not give out their fax number.

Since then many schools have sent questions to the Base on a wide variety of subjects and the questions have always been answered. The personnel have changed but they are always absolutely charming in their replies.

Roger Moffat, Ross Cook, Grant Avery, Ron Rogers, Kerry Barton, Anthony Powell and most recently Keith Roberts, have all been involved in this process. We are very grateful to them and their colleagues for all the support they have given.

These pages represent a summary of information collected during the Project. Information and pictures can be used by schools but not published outside of a school. Please do not try to contact the Base. If you require further information or are interested in the Base then please contact Nikki Griffin of the Dorset IT Team at this address:


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