This group of schools comprises:

  • The Blandford School, for students aged from 11-18.
  • Seven Primary Schools for children from 4-11 years: Blandford St Mary, Downlands, Dunbury, Durweston, Milldown, Pimperne and Spetisbury.

The schools aim to offer to all the Blandford area children a rich and challenging education which will enable them to reach their maximum potential as future citizens.

To this end, the schools work in close partnership at all levels through planning and evaluation meetings, joint teacher development and shared resources. We offer our children:

  • A happy transition between schools in the area
  • Continuity and progress in their learning
  • Increasingly, agreed policies and approaches across the school

The children in the Blandford Schools’ Network are entitled to attend a school which provides a safe, secure and orderly environment, safeguarding the rights of teachers to teach and children to learn.